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Though I am not certified in massage, we have a wonderful massage therapist independent of Saving Face, here on site. See below for more information. 

Kelli Tilquist, LMT MA16221, MM33008

Mount Dora Massage


1416 N. Donnelly Street

Mount Dora, FL 32757


A very dark place to be, pain and hopelessness are the constant companions.

I was injured 27 years ago (the infancy stage of "Soft tissue injury"), I was very lucky to find a very good (but older cranky) chiropractor who also had a licensed massage therapist on staff. This doctor drilled into my head that they could help me get better, BUT I was responsible for myself to heal. I didn't understand right away but my physical injuries did start to improve, although at times during therapy I was sure "they" were trying to kill me! I had never had professional massage or physical therapy, it hurt but they guided me and eventually I was almost completely pain free. I was impressed and fascinated with how much the massage calmed me and helped with the physical healing, I decided this would be my path in life. I went to Florida Institute for Massage Therapy and earned my state license. I worked for five years with injury recover; P.T. units and chiropractic practices. I completed certification training in Neuro-muscular therapy. Eventually I was selected for a position at a very prestigious spa and fell in love with a calmer more positive way to make people feel better. Over the years I have worked in several spas, operated my own spa, and for the last ten years I have been in private practice.

My Services

This is a mini service menu.  I offer many more modalities.  Please feel free to learn more at 

Destress Massage 

A firm Swedish massage that also includes intermittent use of hot stones on neck, back and shoulders.

$75.00 60 minutes

$95.00 90 minutes 

Theraputic Massage 

Tailored to individual muscular aches and pains, this session utilizes several massage techniques. 

$85.00 60 minutes 

$120.00 90 minutes 

Prenatal Massage

Certified in this modality, as with all others, I assure you are positioned correctly and comfortably. 

$70.00 70 minutes 

Rock My World Massage 

Full body massage combining hands on and hot stones, addressing muscular concerns while hypnotically relaxing those muscles. 

$130.00 90 minutes

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